JADE Software Systems Inc.
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Company Overview

JADE Software Systems focuses on the development of accounting software. It does away with the old way of completing a year-end using a number of different software products by uniquely combining the routines in one system. Even though the software is tailored for accountants because of the automatic link between bookkeeping, working papers, financial statements and tax, the bookkeeping section can be used by most small and medium sized businesses. In the case of businesses using this software, the completion of the year end can be simpler and less expensive when the accountant uses the same system.

JADE Software Systems is constantly making changes and adding features to the system using suggestions and requirements of accountants in order to better meet the requirements of the accounting world.

Gordon J.C. Bates
Company President

Gordon J.C. Bates
President / Senior Developer

With over 20 years of programming experience in numerous languages, the latest being Visual Basic. Because of his professional accounting background, many of the functions included in the accounting software were directly influenced by the accounting profession. In addition, many enhancements have been added to the software because of specific requirements of other professional accountants and businesses.

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