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JADE Payroll
Payroll Software, Bookkeeping

This software package, designed for payroll, automatically integrates payroll and the basic bookkeeping associated with payroll.

Provides for the basic journal entries and general ledger activity associated with the payroll transactions entered. The reports generated are used by the bookkeeping department to support the payroll transactions. Reports may be printed for the current period, any past period or year to date.

Canadian payroll with calculations based on government regulations. System handles hourly, commission and salaried employees paid weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, 10 monthly periods and annually. Banked hours can be tracked as well as allocating hours for job costing. Prints cheques with full payroll stub, pay slips, Records of Employment, T4 slips and T4 summary, T4A slips and T4A summary, T4PS slips as well as numerous reports including hourly report, payroll journal, year to date report, and employee listings. The payroll is integrated directly with the general ledger and creates a separate journal entry for each employee paid. Reports may be printed for the current period, for any past period or for the year to date.


Description SKU # Price
JADE Personal 12-00-06-05 $199.00
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