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JADE Personal
Bookkeeping, Small Business Accounting Software

This software package, designed for basic bookkeeping for very small businesses or personal bookkeeping automatically integrates accounting and financial statements without the customary importing and exporting between separate systems.

General journal entries, editing and deleting of existing entries with audit trail. All journal input screens allow for adding, changing or deleting of general ledger accounts as well as the status of select accounts. Reports may be printed for the current period, any past period or year to date.

Entering and/or printing cheques, deposit register, editing and deleting of existing entries with audit trail, and bank reconciliation. Bank reconciliation allows for reprinting of previous period reconciliations as well as providing for a listing of post-dated cheques. The system allows for the printing of "Payee Cheques" and "Basic Cheques" from a possible large number of separate bank accounts. Cheque numbers are increased automatically for each of the chequing accounts but may be changed at any time. Reports may be printed for the current period, for any past period or for the year to date.

Prints reports for management in different formats set by the system: balance sheet and income statement. All financial statements may be saved in a ASCII file and edited with any word processor. The financial statements may be printed without closing the current period. For formal statements, the system allows for the automatic rounding of amounts verifying that the rounded amounts still add properly and are balanced.


Description SKU # Price
JADE Personal 12-00-05-05 $199.00
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