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JADE Professional,
Accounting, Financial Statements, Working Papers, Bookkeeping

This software package, designed for professional accountants, automatically integrates your accounting, capital assets, working papers, and financial statements without the customary importing and exporting between separate systems. So, it supersedes any combination of bookkeeping, working papers, and financial statement software systems presently being used by public accountants.

General journal entries, and editing and deleting of existing entries with audit trail. All journal input screens allow for adding, changing or deleting of general ledger accounts as well as the status of select accounts. Reports may be printed for the current period, for any past period or for the year to date.

Entering and/or printing cheques, deposit register, editing and deleting of existing entries with audit trail, and bank reconciliation. Bank reconciliation allows for reprinting of previous period reconciliations as well as providing for a listing of post-dated cheques. The system allows for the printing of "Vendor Cheques", "Payee Cheques", and "Basic Cheques" from a possible large number of separate bank accounts. Cheque numbers are increased automatically for each of the chequing accounts but may be changed at any time. Reports may be printed for the current period, for any past period or for the year to date.

System provides detailed history of individual capital assets for financial statement purposes linked with capital cost files for tax purposes. Items may be added or disposed of separately or directly linked to the general ledger. Calculate depreciation automatically or select, totally independent of capital cost allowance calculations. Print lists of capital assets or lists of disposals as well as a schedule of depreciation. Information from the capital asset file is transferred automatically to the notes to financial statements and the working paper files.

Editing and printing of adaptable working papers for audit, review, verification and compilation. The system provides a quick input for trial balances, both prior and current year figures with the creation of a journal entry of activity for the current year. Even though the questions outlined in the working papers are shown in CICA approved format, they may be edited by each accountant to meet his/her specific needs or changing conditions. The working paper program allows direct access to the general ledger to add, change, or delete accounts, to enter adjusting entries and view details of each account for the year. The final entries of the year may be entered as part of the final periods journal entries or the last period may be closed and the final entries can be entered as adjusting entries. The accounts payable section provides a schedule to verify payroll totals to the general ledger. Also included, is a long term loan amortization schedule for each of the long term loans. The amortization schedule prints the details for each loan including the current portion and the principal payments required in the next five years.

Prints reports for management, banking and tax purposes in different formats set by the system: heading sheet with index, notices to reader, balance sheet, income statements and statement of retained earnings, statement of changes in position, statement of changes in working capital, editing and printing of notes to financial statements, analysis, budget income statement. Most notes are created automatically including loans, notes and finance contracts which includes the principal payments due in each of the next five years. All notes may be edited to meet the specific requirements of the user. All financial statements may be saved in a ASCII file and edited with any word processor. The financial statements may be printed without closing the current period. For formal statements, the system allows for the automatic rounding of amounts verifying that the rounded amounts still add properly and are balanced.

The financial calculator is an amortization schedule that can be used at any time to calculate and print a schedule for the current company that the user is logged onto or for anyone else since it is not linked to the accounting section of this system. It allows payments of principal and interest or principal only for a number of different period types, including skip payments, as well as calculating the current and five year principal payment amounts.

The permanent file information can be edited or printed at any time providing the details of the company including name, address, lawyer, authorized share capital, shareholders, tax account numbers and other information. Accountant's reports also produces letters using existing client information for compilation, verification, review and audit engagements, representation letters, tax authorization forms or letters, accounts receivable verification and other special letters. The annual minutes for the directors and shareholders can be created and printed as well as some of the most common Alberta corporate registry forms. For verification reviews and audits, the bank confirmations can be prepared and printed.


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