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JADE Software Systems provides on site training or training in our office as required by the user. This is usually done on a one to one basis using bookkeeping materials of the company the user will be working on. This makes it much easier for the user to understand the procedures of the system because they are already familiar with the data being entered and the reports they wish to have.

Training is provided on an hourly basis using the following rates:

In our office:
  (One individual) $65.00 per hour
  (Two or more individuals) $80.00 per hour
In clients office:
  (One individual) $75.00 per hour
  (Two or more individuals) $90.00 per hour

Other arrangements are available for groups or under special circumstances including providing training outside the Calgary, Alberta area that would involve travel time and possibly travel expenses.

It has been our experience that users, who are very familiar with bookkeeping procedures and well versed in computer use, require very little time to become familiar with the operating functions of the JADE Software programs.

We find that most questions asked after the first week or so, is bookkeeping questions that have little or nothing to do with the operation of the software. We will, however, continue to help these individual, as we have in the past, as long as the support required is reasonable. Additional support time can be purchased to assist such users.

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